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Veronica & Pablo - Marriage Counseling Testimonial

Marriage Counseling

“We have reconnected. 

I feel hope in our marriage and our life together.”  

After completing our coaching, I feel we have reconnected.   I feel hope in our marriage and our life together. Without the help from Daphna, I honestly don’t believe we would be together.

Daphna has helped us understand each other and we have started communicating.

Thank you, Daphna, for your support and the tools to continue to build our happily ever after.

- Veronica

What I got out of our four sessions with Daphna was:

  1. I got how to communicate with my wife without being drunk. That I don’t need to drink to have a good time with my family. And actually, I feel a lot better these days without a beer in my hand.

  2. How to be a better husband to my wife, who I love very much.

  3. And how to communicate with my kids better.

- Pablo

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