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If It Isn't Right, Don't Even Sample It!

“I knew he wasn’t right for me, but I wanted to get to know him anyway. Unfortunately, our relationship isn’t working out, but now I like him!” said the thirty-five-year-old single woman.

I say, if it isn’t right for you, don’t even sample it!

Suppose you are at a buffet. You are diabetic and have strict doctor’s orders to avoid sugar. Yet you walk over to the dessert table, smell the aroma from the pies and decide to sample one. Next thing you know, you can’t stay away from the desserts, your blood sugar elevates, and you know your doctor is going to yell at you and schedule you for amputation.

You should have stuck with the steak and vegetables!

Similarly in relationships.

You know what you need – at least deep inside you do. You know when someone doesn’t have what it takes to make you happy or if he or she has what it takes to break your heart. Why “sample” them?

There is a simple rule: If you are going to be in communication with someone long enough, you will wind up liking them.

I’ve had clients who were impossible, difficult people. But since I was willing to take them on, I worked with them and helped them. Next, I found that I absolutely adored these eccentric, difficult characters, like one would a brother, sister, a favorite uncle or a child.

There is a lot of beauty in people, alongside any ugliness, and if you communicate with them long enough, you are going to like them in spite of all reasons to feel otherwise!

If you are looking for the right person to share your life with, you’d better not put yourself in situations that make you like the wrong person.

Once you like someone, you inadvertently close the door on others. And the right man or woman may be right outside that door, waiting for you to like them.

Good Luck!

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