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Pamela - Marriage Counseling Testimonial

Relationship Coaching

From Picking Wrong to the Altar and Beyond

Dear Daphna,

I read your book, Picking Right, around July 2014. I love it! The information in it was vital for me because I would always choose wrong. Your book made so much sense and gave me clarity on my love life.

At the time I was in a wrong relationship, on and off. I knew it was wrong. The book just confirmed it. But it also gave me hope because I always believed that my true partner was out there somewhere! Somebody who I love, respect and admire and who respects me, loves and admires me, and where we can support each other and grow together.

Your book made it easier for me to see what I wanted and what I was looking for and be certain about it. It’s a must-read book for anyone so they don’t get trapped in the wrong relationships.

Anyway, I met Zoltan, my husband, in November 2014. We start dating in March 2015 and we got married in May. He is a great man and a great husband. My family loves him and he loves them back. In fact, our love has brought my family together. Our marriage is beautiful! We do have our life challenges but we support each other and so get through them.

Daphna, your book put me in control of my life. Thank you so much!!!

Pamela Cáceres–Dicso

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