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Life Coaching
Pasadena, Bakersfield & Online

Becoming A Happier, More Successful You

The goal of Life Coaching is to help an individual be the best they can be.

A Life Coach is like a trainer who helps an athlete attain their goals or championship.

Why Life Coaching?

Even a very intelligent, dynamic person can have a hard time with some parts of life. For example

  • They can't find the right life partner

  • They struggle to grow in their career or find a new career path

  • They want to help an adult child or a loved one who is in trouble

  • They feel worried, anxious or unhappy

Pasadena Life Coaching Results
Life Coaching Pasadena - Professional

Life is a battleground. There are many challenges you face on a daily basis from the exterior. The news media tells us with much sensationalizing how dangerous the environment is and, although it is not as bad as they make it seem, life is not a bed of roses.


People want to be happy. Young or old, rich or poor, more educated or less, we all seek happiness. When we can’t find it on our own, we look to someone else to make us happy. But the truth is, it is up to us to generate our happiness and inner peace, and on the day that we stop creating it, we won’t have any.

No matter the situation, we believe that something can be done about it. A tailor-made Life Coaching program can help you overcome adversity and achieve your goals.

And through Life Coaching, you can get the tools and knowledge to utilize your full potential and attain your "championship."

Life Coaching By Daphna

The Benefits Of Life Coaching

Life Coaching helps you improve your life by giving you the guidance and tools you need to overcome  difficulties and barriers. While therapy seeks to address the reasons you do not strive for your goals, Life Coaching instead provides actual, practical tools and solutions to your problems.

By working with an experienced Life Coach, you will have guided actions and mentorship to help you take the reins and become truly in control of your life.

You can become confident and in control of your life.

How Much Does It Cost?

You want to take your life to the next level, and we want to ensure you get the help you need to achieve your goals.

Your first step is a Free Phone Consultation with one of our coaches, where you will get your initial questions answered.

Next is a Free Consultation in one of our offices or by video call, depending on your location and preference. The purpose of this free service is (a) to get acquainted and ensure you feel comfortable with us and (b) to ensure that we feel we can help you. If for some reason we believe that we cannot, we will not accept you as a client(s).


All rates are offered as packages and which one you will need will be determined during your Free Consultation.


4 Weeks/Sessions - $650

6 Weeks/Sessions - $975

8 Weeks/Sessions - $1200

12 Weeks/Sessions - $1800

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