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Karina & Christian - Relationship Coaching Testimonial

Relationship Coaching

"We learned to listen and understand each other."

We came here the first day as our last resort in trying to save our relationship. We were unsure and nervous about the outcome, but after the very first day, I knew we had made the right choice with Daphna.

I never thought that in such a short time our relationship could be transformed in the way it has. Daphna helped us by giving us the tools we so desperately needed to open our communication. We have both learned to listen and understand each other. Our communication has led us to happiness and a more mature way of handling situations. We no longer have explosive fights. We have discussions, and always listen to one another.

I feel, had we not gotten the help and tools we needed from Daphna, we would not have made it as a couple. It has brought peace and happiness not only to our relationship, but also our family. Thank you so much for everything, Daphna.

- Karina

With over four years of arguments and getting nowhere, Daphna has saved our relationship.

The tools she gave us were very helpful and worked wonders for us. She was truly amazing and very easy to work with. I would definitely recommend her to any couple looking to get help and save their relationship.

I saw myself grow into a better partner, father, and person overall. No more fights with my fiancée and working as one to accomplish our goal with our family and as individuals.

- Christian

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