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Relationship Coaching

“We obtained many useful tools for our relationship and now we don’t even argue anymore.”

Hector and I have been in a relationship for six years now.  There have been many conflicts throughout our years together. We would constantly break-up.


We felt like we needed an outside source to help us handle our problems and Hector’s mom recommended we go to therapy in hopes of saving our relationship. We came across Daphna’s site and felt that her description of life coaching best suited what we needed as a couple.


Shortly after our first meeting with Daphna, I felt a sense of relief. Daphna addressed all of our issues one by one. She was able to interpret my feelings in words that I could not express myself. As we continued our weekly meetings and applied her advice in our homes, our relationship began to grow. I was no longer scared to confront Hector about how I felt and we were able to work as a couple to ensure stability.


I believe this is a big milestone in our relationship.



Deisy and I were on the verge of calling it quits. After constant break-ups and neglecting the matter, we decided to meet with Daphna as our last resort for our relationship.  We thought we just were not meant to be with each other.


But Daphna helped us understand the problems we were creating between ourselves and changed our life 100%. She gave us hope in our relationship and brought our spark back. We obtained many useful tools for our relationship and now we don’t even argue anymore.


Now we feel like we can take on the world without anyone or anything getting into our bubble.