The Secrets of Happily Ever After

Reclaim Your Happily Ever After
by Daphna Levy

If your relationship is falling apart; if you are experiencing communication breakdowns; if you have grown apart and feel disconnected or have lost the love and passion you once shared – there is still hope.

The Secrets of Happily Ever After - Book Cover

Amazon Best Seller - The Secrets of Happily Ever After

This book is based on the author’s three decades of experience helping people, saving relationships and keeping families together. It could help you reclaim your Happily Ever After.
Read and discover

  • THE SECRETS OF GOOD COMMUNICATION and how to prevent arguments and fights
  • HOW TO RETURN to the way you were when you first met
  • HOW TO FIND HAPPINESS TOGETHER despite your personality differences
  • HOW TO REVIVE YOUR RELATIONSHIP and rekindle your love and passion
  • THE ENEMY WITHIN: the biggest threat to your bond and how to overcome it
  • Ingredients of HOW TO CREATE lasting happiness


The author should have her own television show!

This is the absolute best book on restoring and rekindling relationships that I have ever read. Daphna writes in such a caring and personal way that you feel like she is right there helping you to turn your life around. The advice and examples she gives are simple and powerful. That’s the beauty of this book: anyone in a relationship that has lost its magic, its shine, the spark, will benefit immensely from reading this book. The author should have her own television show!  -RT


Great advice

Recommended for young or old, married newly or forever! Daphna’s book strengthens and enlivens one to do more and do better-for yourself and the one you were attracted to initially! Such great advice…to pass on and to help you and yours to live happily ever after!  -QT

Picking Right

The Single’s Guide to Finding the Right Match
by Daphna Levy

“If you want to ensure that you’re choosing the right partner and you are committed to building an honest, trust-worthy and long-lasting relationship, this is the book you need on your nightstand.” Olivia Charlet – CULTURS, The Global Multicultural Magazine

Picking Right - The Singles Guide To Picking Right - Book Cover

Amazon International Bestseller - Daphna Levy - Picking Right

This guide reveals the truth behind dead-end relationships and shows you how to spot disaster before it strikes. It is not a pick-up or attraction manual. It unlocks the mysteries of knowing who to trust and gives you the formula to avoid heartache and find true happiness.

You will discover

  • THREE VITAL RULES for Picking Right
  • COMMON MISTAKES that could cost you your happiness
  • HOW TO DETECT THE CHEATER and replace betrayal with mutual trust
  • HOW TO IDENTIFY TOXIC MATES and stop wasting yourself on the wrong people
  • HOW TO GAIN CLARITY on your own vision for an ideal relationship
  •  The secret to MEETING NEW PEOPLE
  •  Ingredients of LOVE THAT LASTS

Daphna Levy - Amazon International Best-Selling Author - Picking Right


Relationship Testimonial - Life Coaching Masters - Pamela Cáceres-Dicso

From Picking Wrong to the Altar and Beyond
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CultursLogoBlack_KOglobe1By Olivia Charlet

When I picked up (pun not intended) Daphna Levy’s “Picking Right”, I expected to discover a book about how to find the right match. What I found was much more. “Picking Right” shares the crucial ingredients necessary for a healthy and happy relationship, not only in the immediate present, but in the long-term. It challenges the current myths out there: namely that a good mate is hard to find. She reminds us that there are 7 billion people out there and that a relationship is a creation, not something that just happens to you. Levy reminds us, without beating around the bush I might add, to simply trust our own judgment and shows us how to avoid common mistakes. Finally, she points out what to watch out for and helps us identify the red flags we should never ignore.

The power of this book is also Levy’s use of real-life examples to further explain her point of view. Rather than only using one person’s experience, she reveals short examples of different people’s lives and relationships.

Her anecdotes and observations are not one-sided, contrary to so many other dating and relationship books; she is equally critical of men and women in abusive or dead-end relationships.

One of her exercises, for example, delves into whether or not the relationship we are in truly enhances our lives. She provides a relationship-math equation that should be obvious to us all, but can often prove to be ignored: “When the Pick is truly Right, 1+1=3 or 4 or more. Both people thrive in the relationship. They are happier and more fulfilled than before. They accomplish more, both individually and as a team”. She argues that if your partner and you add up to 2 or less than 2, you are not truly picking “right” as that person is not bringing any real value to your life.

Throughout the book Levy says things as they are: “This mushy emotion called “sympathy” is an unhealthy ingredient in a relationship. Use it to save a dying person or rescue an animal, but please don’t marry someone for whom you feel sorry!” If you’re not a fan of tough love, “Picking Right” isn’t for you. However, if you want to ensure that you’re choosing the right partner and you are committed to building an honest, trust-worthy and long-lasting relationship, this is the book you need on your nightstand.

From Picking Wrong to the Altar and Beyond

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At the time I was in a wrong relationship, on and off. I knew it was wrong. The book just confirmed it. But it also gave me hope because I…

This Knowledge is Empowering and Applicable and Life Changing

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Anyone who is interested in improving their skills at picking the right team mate for any kind of relationship, whether business or personal, should read this book! 

Helped Me Let Go of a Past Relationship! NO Looking Back!

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The information in this book helped me let go of a past relationship and be free to be freely into a new one! NO looking back! What's that worth?! 

I Was Able to Rid Myself of the Left Over Feelings of Failure

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In doing a couple of the exercises, I was able to rid myself of the left over feelings of failure from a most-recent relationship that I had 

The Best Thing Has Been the Gift of Truth and Clarity

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The best thing has been the gift of truth and clarity that I have gained from your book. 

She Said Your Book and Seminar Changed her Life

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She said your book and seminar changed her life, and now she is going to marry a wonderful guy and not get tangled more with a past relationship 

A MUST READ for Anyone Who is Single and Looking

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It's a MUST READ for anyone who is single and looking.