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Back to Being Sweethearts

By May 19, 2018July 23rd, 2018Testimonials-Relationship Coaching

Relationship Testimonial - Life Coaching Masters

In one month with Daphna, we were able to get back to where we were 40 years ago (sweethearts).

Coaching was awesome. I would recommend it to any husband & wife team.



Daphna was so easy to talk to, and her explanations were in such depth that anyone could understand.

Our meetings gave my husband and me a time to look forward to. Our relationship has really blossomed again!

Thank you, Daphna.



  • Theodore says:

    You are such a great coach and doing wonderfully. I wish I knew you back in 2006. My relationship would have been saved.

    • Daphna Levy says:

      Thank you for your kind words, Theodore!
      Oh, I wish I could have helped you then!
      However, remember this: The past is the past, but there is always the future.
      You can use the lessons of the past to build a better future for yourself.
      And, as I say in my book (Picking Right), there isn’t just ONE person in the world who is right for you. Soul mates are CREATED, not FOUND.
      So there is hope. And if I can be of help to you, please do not hesitate to let me know.

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