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Marriage Counseling

“Now… I can also grow as a better father to my children.” 

I would like to thank you very much, Angela, for helping me be able to hear out my wife and really find out what areas I am messing up in so that I could fix them and carry on with our beautiful relationship we once had.


I now look forward to fixing these areas so that I can also grow as a better father to my children.

I now have some tools to help me when I am feeling not all there with my wife.


I also feel that these sessions helped me so that this marriage wouldn’t just end from one day to another. I got to see the damage I was creating on a day-to-day basis and I thank your program a lot for helping me to understand the bad choices I have made and the new set of choices I wish to carry out. 


— Luis

I really enjoyed the sessions with Angela. She has shared really good strategies to have better communication with my husband and helped me realize certain things I was not doing for my husband that he really needed from me.


Overall, Angela was a great coach during our sessions. I know this will continue to help me and my husband in the long run.


Thank you, Angela for your service, your advise and for making us feel comfortable with you.

— Adriana

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