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Daphna Levy

Bringing Back Understanding And Happiness

In navigating the modern world of computers, cars, law, investments, medicine, engineering—you name it—we recognize the necessity to understand each subject. We hire a professional, such as an attorney or an accountant, because they understand law or taxes. We go to doctors because they understand the workings of the body. But do we understand love, marriage, relationships?

Certainly, we’ve been told a great deal about them. We may have read books and watched romantic movies; but judging by the trouble we find ourselves in, could it be that we don’t know all there is to know about these subjects? Could it be that, unlike breathing or learning to walk, relationship wisdom is not intuitive?

It is safe to say that society as a whole is in a state of confusion with regard to relationships. If you consult your parents, friends or neighborhood therapist, you will get a wide variety of views and opinions—some of them conflicting. Each person you talk to draws from their own experience, failures and pain. There seems to be no truth—nothing to sink your teeth into and say, “This is the way things really are!”

If you are like most people, you lack understanding and effective tools to build, preserve or repair your relationship or marriage. It is possible to understand relationships and the tools do exist to help bring back your happiness.

Relationship Coaching

Relationship Coaching provides the understanding, tools and skills you need to save and preserve your relationship. Our goal is to help you change those things that make you unhappy, frustrated or unfulfilled in your relationship.

By working with an experienced relationship coaching professional who has proven results you get the expert guidance and knowledge to bring back stability and happiness.

Happy Couple After Marriage Counseling In Pasadena

What Are Relationships For?

Any truly committed relationship—including a marriage—is a partnership, a union, a bond. And the greater the cooperation within it, the better partnership it is.

But what is the purpose of marriage or relationships? What is “love”? And is there a clear path that leads to happiness? How well do we understand these subjects? Yet, regardless of understanding, once you are in a relationship, your life is deeply impacted by its short- and long-term consequences.


A marriage or relationship is a union between two individuals, and the best way to understand it is to understand its purpose. What is it for? Why do we go through all that trouble?

A marriage or relationship is supposed to assist and improve the life, health, happiness and success of the partners in that relationship (including any children who are the product of their love). 

You can improve your relationship and restore your love and affection. Your relationship can and should become an asset to both of you and, in turn, to your entire family. There is a way for you to gauge the value of your relationship and restore it back to it’s original purpose.

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Marriage Counseling

A strong, stable marriage can bring great happiness and provide the security and stability children so desperately need.

Marriage is a partnership, a union, a bond. It is more than a legal arrangement. It is more than a commitment. There is more to this union than a familial and economic bond.

Your Life Begins With You

Life is a battleground. There are many challenges you face on a daily basis from the exterior. The news media tells us with much sensationalizing how dangerous the environment is and, although it is not as bad as they make it seem, life is not a bed of roses.

Happy Couple With Baby After Pasadena Marriage Counseling

For a marriage to be successful, it must have uninhibited communication between the partners, or their union starts to deteriorate. The purpose of marriage is to assist and enhance the lives of all concerned. That tells you what a bad marriage is: it fails to do so or, worse yet, it produces the opposite effect.

Marriages fail because people do not have the right tools and knowledge to make it work.

​ We have helped countless people restore their marriages and bring true happiness and stability to their families through marriage counseling.

People want to be happy. Young or old, rich or poor, more educated or less, we all seek happiness. When we can’t find it on our own, we look to someone else to make us happy. But the truth is, it is up to us to generate our happiness and inner peace, and on the day that we stop creating it, we won’t have any. 

It all begins with your strength and stability as an individual. Life coaching arms you  with understanding and effective tools to guide you in your journey, you can find your happily ever after!

Coaching Vs Counseling

When an individual needs help with personal issues, they may seek counseling or therapy. Couples needing relationship help, may seek a marriage counselor or a couple therapist.


Counselors and therapists are trained in the field of mental health and their approach is a mental-health approach. 


Coaching, on the other hand, takes an entirely different approach. It is strictly practical and focuses on the tools and skills needed to resolve the issues at hand. In counseling you will be asked how you feel and what you think, with the hope of achieving a deeper understanding of your issues. The issues themselves may or may not improve.


The Coaching approach is different. Your thoughts and feelings are important, as they help your coach understand your issues and suggest solutions. However, listening to you is only the beginning. Next comes, “What are you going to do about it?” It is your coach’s job to help you find solutions and devise a plan of action to improve your situation.


In other words, “understanding” alone is considered useless in coaching, unless it is accompanied by results in real life.


So, while counseling stresses thoughts and feelings, coaching stresses actions and outcomes.

Coping Vs Changing

Counseling or Therapy focus on “coping mechanisms.” The effort is to help you cope with your challenges, accept them and learn to live with them. (You’ll hear talk about “managing,” never about “curing,” depression, anxiety and other unwanted conditions.)


Coaching takes the opposite approach. Here the goal is to help you figure out ways to change the situations that make you unhappy, frustrated or unfulfilled. Rather than adapt to them, you get help to change them.


This is a proactive approach and demands action. It also requires that your Coach give you the tools you need to overcome your challenges, and those tools stay with you for life. Your coach’s goal is to “teach you how to fish,” not “give you fish.”


At Life Coaching Masters we provide a unique approach to improving marriage, relationships and life through effective coaching. And the results speak for themselves.


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